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About HCG

Hocheng Chiu's heritage has always encouraged HCG to produce goods with elegant design and remarkable functioning since it was founded in Taiwan.  Since 1931, HCG's constant dedication to quality and client satisfaction has made it a trusted brand of the 21st century.

Hocheng Philippines Corporation (HPC) was founded in 1995 as the demand for HCG increased tremendously not only in Greater China but around the world. In 1997, a 10-hectare plant in First Cavite Industrial Estate (FCIE) was opened, adding to the two existing state-of-the-art production bases in China. The world-class European technology admired by millions is now fused with Filipino creativity and ingenuity.

After just a few years of operation, and with over 55% market share, HCG became the no. 1 total bathroom solutions provider in the Philippines.

Originating in Taiwan in 1931, the remarkable legacy of Hocheng Chiu has been the driving force propelling HCG to unfailingly innovate products that seamlessly blend sophisticated design with exceptional functionality. Over the years, HCG's unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality while consistently exceeding customer expectations has solidified its standing as a brand of unwavering trust and repute in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century.

As the demand for HCG products surged with remarkable momentum, transcending borders to find resonance not only in Greater China but also on a global scale, the pivotal year of 1995 saw the emergence of Hocheng Philippines Corporation (HPC). This marked a significant stride toward realizing the vision of a brand that caters to the diverse needs of consumers. Subsequently, in 1997, a sprawling 10-hectare manufacturing hub was established in the First Cavite Industrial Estate (FCIE), seamlessly complementing the two existing cutting-edge production facilities in China. This strategic expansion served as a conduit for the convergence of world-class European technology – celebrated and revered by millions – with the inherent Filipino spirit of creativity and ingenuity.

In a remarkably short span, propelled by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a resolute dedication to customers, HCG soared to unprecedented heights, commanding an impressive market share exceeding 55%. This climatic rise positioned HCG as the undisputed leader, the quintessential provider of comprehensive bathroom solutions in the Philippines, a testament to the brand's enduring commitment to superior craftsmanship, innovation, and the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality.

HCG believes that every bathroom fixture it creates has a 90-year-old story of excellence and timeless craftsmanship..