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  • Smart Technology

    Smart Technology
    • Start contact infrared sensors seating, sit on the toilet seat after the body, senses immediately. (25cm ~ 30cm), can prevent inadvertently and children play, caused by waste water.
    • SPA massage massage SAP cleaning: cleaning intensity alternating currents, buttocks massage, promote blood circulation.
    • Self-cleaning and self-cleaning nozzle: before and after each toilet, have a dual automatic washing nozzle 5 seconds, to keep clean.
    • Warm air drying for thoughtful consumer demand, and a microcomputer to control the duration of warm air, so that the skin friction reduction of paper, to experience unprecedented comfort.
    • Antibacterial seat toilet seat using antibacterial resin material, can effectively eliminate bacteria attached on the race.Coliform inhibition rate can be as high 99.8%.
    • Security Warm seat four temperature regulator (room temperature, 34 ℃, 38 ℃, 40 ℃) rear seating, automatic temperature dropped 2 ℃, can prevent low temperature burns.