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It takes a lot of guts go out of one’s comfort zone and join a contest. Moreover, the pressure seems paralyzing when the competition of scale is beyond the school campus.

HCG recognizes this natural response from the young ones. That’s why in promoting ArchiNEXT: HCG Young Designers’ Competition, more than encouraging 3rd to 4th year Architecture students to compete, they were also given an inspirational talk from the industry’s best.

The tour started with two (2) Metro Manila schools:

• Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM)- November 24, 2014

Kasa Arkhitekton Inc.’s Chief Builder and UAP’s Secretary General, the young and spirited Arch. Alfred Geoffrey Carandang, uap was invited to share his experiences after graduation, and how after several years, he is a known name in the industry already. He shared among the students of PLM that he wished he learned more about business when he was studying as it will be beneficial for young architects who wishes to build his/her own design firm.

Present in his ArkInspirational speech was PLM’s Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Arch. Gil Evasco and the College Secretary, Arch. Tony Nudas.

[IMG_1844: Arch. Carandang with 3rd and 4th year students of PLM.]

• National University (NU)- November 25, 2014

Together with over a hundred 3rd-4th year Architecture students, Arch. Jose Ramon “Pippo” Carunungan, uap, piep, asean of Carunungan & Partners enthralled students with his ArkIsinspirational talk. Arch. Pippo, as he’s fondly called, was also a product of contest himself. With his determination, he was able to rise above the ranks. Today, he is one of the most sought after architects in the industry.

Students of NU were also very lucky as he lectured on Vertical Cities to inspire students to think outside of the box. Supporting this event was NU’s Dean of the College of Architecture, Arch. Chona Ponce.

[3: HCG delegates, NU’s Dean of Architecture and other faculty, Arch. Jose Ramon Carunungan, with the students while waiting for the program to start.]

[IMG_1925: Arch. Pippo during his talk in NU]

Other key cities in the Philippines such as Cebu and Davao were also visited:

• Cebu Institute of Technology University (CITU)- November 27, 2014

CITU 3rd to 4th year students were very ecstatic after meeting the famous, Arch. James Jao, uap, pia, aia, piid. He shared his experiences that made him a better architect: dabbling in the theater, applying for scholarship in London School of Economics and etc. He also shared some of his famous projects that made the students’ jaws drop. That’s the reason why he’s been winning exemplary awards left and right.

Chair of the Architecture Department, Arch. June Bayaton was also there to support the event.

[1: Arch. James Jao and Mr. Sam Chen with the 3rd year students of CITU for a picture taking.]

[2: Arch. Jao receiving HCG’s token of appreciation given by Mr. Sam Chen]

• Ateneo De Davao University (ADDU)- November 28, 2014

Davao’s very own Arch. Benjamin Panaganiban, fuap, asean also shared his own ArkiInspirational story: from his starting point to his moment of success. He related how his seemingly unimportant little project in the beginning of his career paved way to his bigger and on-going projects in Davao. He also challenged students to join competition, such as ArchiNEXT and believe in their talents.

Chair of the School of Engineering and Architecture, Arch. Wilfredo Policarpio with other professors in the college also witnessed the event.

[4: Some 3rd and 4th year students from ADDU with the guest speaker, Arch. Benjamin Panganiban, Arch. Ramon Mendoza and Arch. Wilfredo Policarpio of ADDU.]

[5: Mr. Sam Chen giving speech in front of the 3rd and 4th year students]

Always the hope of HCG’s every activity is for it to leave a special mark. Same goes for the students in those schools.

HCG believes that every bathroom fixture it creates has a 90-year-old story of excellence and timeless craftsmanship..