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HCG In CONEX2014: The Synergy Of Smart And Green Products

Hocheng Philippines Corporation (HCG) once again showcased the strength of its new products in Convention Exhibition (CONEX) of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) on April 10-12 at the SMX Convention Center.

From manufacturing quality bathroom fixtures, HCG is now a one stop-shop offering wider range of home and building solutions from shower partition and enclosure, Cerabo (ceramic board), kitchen and cabinet system, Magic Mirror (Mirror System Management Device) and EBOX Home Automation System.

Focusing on smart and green products in this year’s CONEX, HCG let guests experience how life can be so easy with its powerful synergy.

HCG’s EBOX Home Automation System paves the way for a smart-home. With an iOS or Android device and a wireless access point connected to the EBOX, a simple tap can turn-on lights and appliances. It is also an energy saving device because it prevents consumption even when appliances are plugged.

Cerabo or ceramic board meanwhile is an excellent alternative for indoor and outside wall surface material. The thinnest, lightest and largest and made of earth-friendly materials, Cerabo can be installed in any existing surface reducing construction time and cost. Cerabo also has a self-cleaning capability that helps create a cleaner environment.

HCG believes that every bathroom fixture it creates has a 90-year-old story of excellence and timeless craftsmanship..