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BAUV06 a necessary accessory for you bathroom.

UV LED sterilizer for water closets.

Toilets accumulate millions of bacteria that aren’t seen by the naked eye. Cleaning toilets require extensive effort to achieve absolute cleanliness. Sanitation is highly prioritized in this time and to support household and establishments, HCG Philippines introduces the UV Light Sterilizer for water closets. This UV Sterilizer can be easily attached to a water closet, destroying molecular bonds that hold the DNA of viruses and bacteria. The product offers seamless cleaning as it is placed inside the cover, reaching out to areas that are difficult to clean. It can also remove unwanted odor for a more sterile experience. Its fast cleaning of three minutes can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Below is the detailed video of how it works:

In Focus: BAUV06 water closet UV sterilizer

Features you shouldn’t miss.

Keep your water closets sanitized thoroughly with the new UV sterilizer offering of HCG.

  • Sterilization rate of 99.9%, kills harmful viruses and bacteria inside the water closet
  • Removes peculiar smells.
  • Fast sterilization of only 3minutes.
  • LED flashes indicates status for working, standby and battery life.
  • Product Code: BAUV06
    Dimension: 60 x 60 x 20mm
    Material ABS Plastic
    Rated Power: 5W
    Voltage: 5V
    Battery Capacity: 1050mAh
    Operation: Light sensor
    Battery life: 2.5hrs
    LED Wavelength: 270 – 280nm && 360 – 370 nm