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All Home General Trias in Now Open

Caviteňos can now start their early holiday shopping at the newly opened AllHome General Trias.

The beautifully arranged HCG Showroom features space saving, green, and featured products also included in our newly launched year end promotion, Experience the Fun in Japan.

Customers can have a chance to win prizes by simply purchasing at least Php 5,000 of HCG Products which entitles them to a scratch card. They may win an all-expense paid trip to Japan for two, a Huawei Nova 3i Mobile Phone, a Polaroid Pol Instant Digital Camera, and product discounts up to Php 5,000.

HCG All Home General Trias

The HCG Showroom in its overview: highlighting Featoilet, the modern feathered silhouette toilet for comfort and style.

HCG Osiris

Saving space? The Osiris vanity cabinet is for you. Store your things without leaving clutter in this cabinet in your bath.

HCG Bathtub

Soak and refresh in HCG’s Jupiter bath tub. Remove excess stress and cleanse yourself to feel more relaxed.

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If you’re wondering how to set up your bathroom, we have design ideas for you. This might be the next look of your bath. The clean and carefully designed bathroom filled with HCG products can definitely make it feel like home.

HCG Faucet

One of the new line of HCG faucets, Freya is in a beautiful, elongated form. Freya fits perfectly in HCG’s washbasins.

HCG Featoilet

Indulge in modern silhouette with HCG’s Featoilet. Love oneself enough with its spa-like features that relaxes, and cleanses hygienically.


AllHome General Trias is located at Arnaldo Highway SitioElang, Brgy San Francisco, GenTrias.