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HCG’s Mix, Match and Save

HCG gives you the chance to create your own ideal bathroom set at an affordable price!

Choose a color and select items that will complete your bathroom package. Make sure to include 1 water closet, 1 wash basin, 1 bath faucet, and 1 shower faucet for you to complete your new and upgraded bathroom set.

This promo is available from June 15- July 31, 2018 at these participating stores: CW Home Depot, and Wilcon Depot.

Prices may vary in selected distributors

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Promo Mechanics

  1. Participating items are tagged in Blue, Red and Yellow Colors
  2. To create your discounted bathroom combination, you have to choose 1 water closet, 1 wash basin, 1 basin faucet and 1 shower faucet of your chosen color



(Save Up to 12,850.00)



(Save Up to 8,890.00)



(Save Up to 3,190.00)
Water Closet Water Closet Water Closet
C4520B CS4510B C403B
C3032T C4720 C415
Wash Basin Wash Basin Wash Basin
LCA6053 LF80S LF60S
L6665 LF90S LF61S
L4672 L4532 L70
Basin Faucet Basin Faucet Basin Faucet
LF16431PX LF16481PX LF005PX
LF16481PX LF16477PX
Shower Faucet Shower Faucet Shower Faucet
BF23431PX BF23481PX BF019CPX
BF23481PX BF23477PX
  • Discount will only be given to bathroom items combination with the same color
  • Other existing promotion of HCG is not applicable on the participating items in this promotion

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