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Spa-like Bathing with Featoilet


“ This toilet can help you take better care of yourself. “

by Realliving Magazine


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Taking inspiration from the fine lines and curves of minimalist design, the Featoilet boasts an elegantly feathered silhouette fitting perfectly in any modern home. It matches style with substance through its enhanced features to deliver: Hygienic Lifestyle, Spa-like Bathing and a Captivating Design that provides unraveled relaxation in a home’s personal space.

It has two separate anti-bacterial nozzles – a gently therapeutic front bidet and an even more powerful rear bidet – bringing the highest levels of personal hygiene. It boasts of warm water too, that is heated continuously for a spa-like indulgence you deserve. Available in American White, Black and Gold color varieties, this technological gem is surely worth splurging on.


For full list of Featoilet’s features, refer to the specification below:

Series: Featoilet
Product Code: AFC2306
Product Category: Premium
Product Style: Elegant
Type: One Piece Water Closet
Dimension: L665 x W395 x H512mm
Water Consumption: 4L Per Flush
Flushing System: Rimless, Siphon Jet
Roughing in: 300 mm



  • Better personal hygiene and cleaning since no need to use toilet paper, bidet sprays, or dipper
  • Saves water consumption (saves 33.33% water)
  • Save Money and Reduce Your Household Waste. Lessen toilet paper and water costs.
  • Prevents toilet clogging. Using less toilet paper is not only cost effective but will also help prevent clogged toilets.
  • Better skin care and more comfortable to use. If you have any skin irritation or other problems then warm and spa like water can be soothing, and staying as clean as possible.
  • Adjustable drying options provide a gentle stream of warm air that does not irritate your skin.
  • Heated seat provides spa-like comfort
  • No noise. Soft-closing seat and cover
  • Tank less. No place to store water and dust in water to be stock.
  • Remote control for easy use of users
  • Concealed closet and rimless bowl for easy clean and more hygienic
  • Light for illuminating closet at night
  • Deodorizer with charcoal-carbon filter warding off odor and bacteria keeping the air clean.

Technical Specifications