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Freya Faucet – Perfect for your home’s needs

With a wide array of selection to choose from — various designs and features — choosing the right faucet for your new home renovation becomes more of a dilemma than a relief, right? But need not worry! This new faucet of ours might just suit you and your home well – the Freya Faucet

Freya Faucet (LF16431PX) is a lavatory faucet that fit all types of bathrooms. It has sleek and shiny feel giving it a modern and classy vibe. Freya, aside from having a beautiful design is also feature-packed which you might want to consider in your next home redo.

Here are some of the things that Freya could offer:

1. Safe to use with its Low-Lead Technology.

One of the main features of Freya is its low-lead technology making it safe to use. Low-lead meaning there are no harmful chemicals that could harm you and your loved ones.

2. A soothing bath experience with its Mute Technology.

Imagine having a bathroom that flows to the rhythm of your own thoughts. Because of its Mute Technology, water just flows quietly. No noise, just pure pleasure, and peace.

3. Hygienic wash, thanks to its longer spout.

It’s annoying sometimes to have your clothes soak in water after washing your hands, right? With Freya’s spout, which is longer compared to others, you can be assured that you won’t get wet with every use.

4. Durable Brass body with chrome-finish

Aside from Freya’s beautiful form and excellent function, it is also hard-wearing because it is made of brass. Plus, its chrome finish protects it from corrosion.

Series: Freya
Product Code: LF16431PX
Product Category: Selective
Product Style: Modern
Type: Single-lever, Single-hole Basin Mixing Faucet
Faucet Hole: 35 mm
Material: Brass with chrome finish


Low-lead technology –

Mute technology Shine plate technology Longer Spout Smooth technology  


Low-lead ensures that faucet is safe for the health when being used –

Mute technology effectively slows down the release of water so noise will be lessen The plating shows a smooth mirror effect and long time shine; it also makes the faucet dirt and acid resistant to ensure longer The spout provides lessens the splash of water outside the basin and it gives it a modern look  

Technical Specifications


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