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HCG Cares for Buna Lejos Elementary School (31st Toilet Donation)

Students and teachers of Buna Lejos Elementary School now have better bathroom facilities – thanks to HCG Cares Toilet Donation Program. In a turnover ceremony held Tuesday, December 06, 2016, toilet wares were donated to the school by a brand that recognizes the importance of having decent toilet facilities, HCG.


This student from Buna Lejos Elementary school rocked the event with her charming dance moves!


The weather was warmer than usual during the turnover event but students were still very energetic — what a crowd!

1 HCG Representatives together with students and teachers of Buna Lejos Elementary School

It is always an honor for HCG to be able to provide service to the commnunity. HCG aims to reach more schools in the Philippines to make comfort closer to anyone.

HCG is actively looking for public schools that are currently renovating and in need of bathroom fixtures. Email your letter of request signed by the principal at The company is more than willing to be of service in bringing comfort and hygiene closer to anyone.