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HCG Cares for Sunny Brooke Elementary School (23rd Toilet Donation)

Sunny Brooke Elementary School is one of the many bathroom-bereft schools in the Philippines. One of the school’s major concerns is having access to a decent toilet facility, depriving students of having a comfortable bathroom experience. With this situation at hand, HCG Philippines, in its corporate social initiative called HCG Cares, donated new bathroom fixtures to the school.

“HCG’s generosity is overwhelming. This is really a big help to the school, especially for our students” said by a teacher of Sunny Brooke Elementary School in the turnover ceremony held October 10, 2016.


The success of this event was a joint effort of HCG and teachers of Sunny Brooke Elementary School

HCG, apart from being a trusted bathroom fixture provider, is also committed to providing comfort and genuine happiness to people. Operating for 20 years now, HCG assures everyone of satisfaction through timeless craftsmanship.

HCG is actively looking for public schools that are currently renovating and in need of bathroom fixtures. Email your letter of request signed by the principal at The company is more than willing to be of service in bringing comfort and hygiene closer to anyone.

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