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HCG Cares for Calumpang Lejos Elementary School (15th Toilet Donation)

Children are our hope for the future. With education and healthy environment, they can help build a better tomorrow and cultivate a healthier surrounding for the next generation.

In HCG’s advocacy to provide schools with cleaner and safer bathroom facility, Calumpang Lejos Elementary School, in Indang, Cavite, was granted new bathroom fixtures in a turnover ceremony held last Sept. 20, 2016.


A student gracing the audience with a very heartwarming song number


HCG and Calumpang Lejos Elementary School share one mission: to make life better for the students


A cleaner and safer bathroom facility for the teachers and students of Calumpang Lejos Elementary school!

HCG aims that through this activity, students will value the importance of hygiene and develop a healthy lifestyle. Heath is wealth; and with a healthy lifestyle comes a brighter future for the students.

HCG is actively looking for public schools that are currently renovating and in need of bathroom fixtures. Email your letter of request signed by the principal at The company is more than willing to be of service in bringing comfort and hygiene closer to anyone.