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HCG Cares for Salaban Elementary School (2nd Donation for 2016)

It is always an honor for HCG to give comfort and provide wider smiles to people through quality bathroom fixtures. Salaban Elemetary School, located in Amadeo Cavite, was one of the recent beneficiaries of HCG’s toilet donation program.

Two hundred eighty-five (285) students and seven (7) teachers of Salaban Elementary School have gathered to witness a milestone in the turnover and thanksgiving ceremony at their school last May 26, 2016. This event, which is aimed to recognize the generosity of HCG, was a joint effort of the students, teachers and HCG as well.


HCG Representatives with Salaban Elementary School’s teachers and students


A teacher in Salaban Elementary School expressing her gratitude for the success of the event


HCG believes that everyone deserves a comfortable bathroom experience

HCG, apart from being a trusted bathroom fixture provider, is also committed to providing comfort and genuine happiness to people. Operating for 20 years now, HCG assures everyone of satisfaction through timeless craftsmanship.