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Pangil Elementary School Receives New Bathroom Fixtures from HCG

Everyone deserves a clean bathroom especially the children. In an effort to provide clean sanitary fixtures to as many of them, HCG is reaching out to public schools in the country and donate quality toilets, etc. One recent beneficiary is Pangil Elementary School in Amadeo, Cavite.


HCG is happy to see students all smiles!

In a turn-over ceremony held July 23, 2015, School President Victoria Lucero said, “HCG really cares.”


HCG representative addressing the audience

In response, HCG Labor-Management Council Chairman urged the students to take good care of the bathroom fixtures so that it will benefit even more students in the future.

A simple ribbon cutting ceremony ensued in the Principal’s Office.


Time to reveal the quality bathroom fixtures of HCG


Look at how relaxing the vibe is! It’s HCG’s offering for the teachers and students!

As always, it is HCG’s commitment to be of service especially to the educators and students!