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Shop for your HCG Bathroom Fixtures Needs at Legazpi Grace Home Builders

Dios marhay na aldaw!

It’s a good day indeed in Legazpi, Albay! Against the backdrop of the beautiful Mayon Volcano, shoppers will equally enjoy the newly renovated showroom of HCG bathroom fixtures in Legazpi Grace Home Builders.

The new showroom of HCG has the comfortable warmth of home that architects, contractors, designers, builders and homeowners alike will positively take pleasure in. Favorite HCG bathroom series such as Osiris is also available at around Php 10,000+ complete with lavatory and faucet and soap and paper holder.

Visit now and be updated with the latest products and promos of HCG.


HCG bathroom fixtures is available in Legazpi, Albay
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Your favorite HCG packages, now in Legazpi Grace Home Builders

Visit HCG in Legazpi Grace Home Builders at:
F. Imperial St., Capatawan, Legazpi, Albay

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