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CeraArt Bringing Character to Museo Orlina’s Logo

Another breath taking place in Tagaytay City is Museo Orlina from the world-renowned glass sculptor and true innovator, Ar. Ramon Orlina.

Ar. Ramon Orlina “has been transfiguring glass into art. He was the first to carve figures out of blocks of glass using the cold method, cutting, grinding, and polishing his work with improvised tools and instruments – a feat at that time yet unreplicated even in highly industrialized countries. That he was self-taught, with hardly any predecessor, mentor, or influence to emulate, makes his achievement all the more outstanding.” –

Some of his famous glass works around notable spots in the country are:

Through the years, Orlina has created numerous glass masterpieces here and abroad that wowed even the biggest names. It was his lifelong dream to house all of his artworks in a grand museum.

In 2014 Museo Orlina, a 4-story glass house showcasing the artists’ famous glass sculptures against the backdrop of the famous Taal volcano, opened to the public. Aside from his prized works, the museum features an amphitheater for musical and other artistic presentations, photographs of Orlina’s famed works around the globe and hand-painted vintage car collections some in collaboration with Ben Cab, also a renowned Filipino painter and National Artist.

Against the white façade of Museo Orlina, the artist used HCG’s customizable Cerabo called CeraArt in bringing character to the façade logo of the glass house. Aside from Cerabo’s aesthetic appeal, it is also light-weight and will not discolor thru time making it a perfect material for the museum’s symbol. With CeraArt’s innovative features, it has immortalized the luster of Orlina’s glass reflections.

Visit Museo Orlina at Hollywood St., Hollywood Subd. Tolentino East, Tagaytay City, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Tagaytay, Cavite.

For more info about Cerabo, you can download the e-catalog here.


Museo Orlina with CeraArt used in the logo.