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Manual Bidet Seat and Cover: Hygienic way to wash

Our bathrooms comfort and cleanse us. Yet, sometimes after finding satisfaction in the bathroom we are too careless to clean ourselves. Good thing, HCG is now offering a product that will make washing hygienic— the manual bidet seat and cover.

The manual bidet, just like the good old spray types, helps us clean ourselves after using the toilet. Now in a seat-and-cover form, it functions by just twisting the lever up or down for front (feminine) or rear cleaning.

Using the manual bidet not only provide utmost comfort but also allow for a more hygienic experience without much effort. Since the seat and cover is built-in, pressing or twisting it will just be second nature. Unlike bidet sprays, you can be assured that you won’t experience unnecessary splashes.

The cleaning nozzle has a self-cleaning feature before and after every use to keep your hygiene checked. This can also be disassembled, too, for further sanitation. Functioning by water pressure instead of electricity, it is still consistent with HCG’s adherence to green products.

An interesting bathroom buddy, right? For more info, visit the nearest HCG distributor.

Manual bidet seat and cover is available for round and square shape water closets:

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