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Free iWash or Bluetooth Speaker?

If you are given the chance to get one of these items for free, what would you choose?

Would it be an iWash, a modern bidet which will make washing much fun and hygienic? Just twisting its lever, comfort is at hand whether you aim for rear or front cleaning. By choosing this, the normal seat and cover of Baden or Eton will be upgraded.

Or would it be a Bluetooth Speaker, an equally fun option that will allow you to enjoy the sound of music even inside the bathroom? Take note too, this will spare untimely demise of gadgets being accidentally drowned. This is available when you buy Baden, Eton and even a Shangri-La Package.

This ‘choose-one-free’ item promo is HCG’s latest end-user summer offering called Tune up Your Style. The promo, which started March, is now extended until May 31, 2014. It is also exclusive to all Wilcon Stores nationwide.


Tune up your style with HCG Bluetooth Speaker


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