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HCG Goes Social

The rise of social media sites gave birth to a new approach in reaching audiences in Marketing. These platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which today are reputed as modern marketing tools, are cost-efficient yet effective means to:

• Help reach our target audience at minimal cost VS. traditional media such as TV, radio and print

• Strengthen our brand’s presence especially amidst the challenging competitive landscape of the bathroom fixtures industry

• Offer readily-available and useful content for our customers/ future customers

• Enhance customer-relations, etc

Though the use of these medium has promising results, its reach and effects shall only be relative on its number of ‘likes’ and ‘followers.’

Thus, we encourage all employees to:

• Visit our website:

• Like our Facebook page:

• Follow our Twitter account: @hcg_twit

Together, let us show the power of one team, one goal, one HCG.


Screen shot of our Facebook page


Screen shot of our website which will sport more attractive features soon.

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