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HCG Goes “Green” with the Flushing Warriors

The LEED flushing warriors promo, launched July 1, is already up and kicking in various stores nationwide.

Before they’ve put on their fighting stance and got the ‘flushing warriors’ title, Baden, Eton and Shangri-La proved first their worth.

Technically, these flushing warriors fall under the category of Highly Efficient Toilets or HETs. HETs are as tough as Bruce Lee. Yet when it comes to water, they show mercy. These three series save as much of this nature’s gift with their mechanism.

Dual-flush water closets have the option to use just half the flush (3 liters per flush/ lpf) for liquid foes or full flush (4.5- 4.8lpf) for the solid villains. Compared to the normal consumption of 6 lpf, these HETs save as much as 20% water.

They are water efficient without sacrificing performance. So when it comes to flushing, they’re the sough after warriors, thus the name.

But what is ‘LEED’ that goes with the promo title?

In the construction world, LEED is the new ‘in’ thing. This buzz word stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), it is a third party verification system using a set of rating system for the design and construction of eco-friendly buildings. Complying with LEED means that the product is truly green.

Since this revolution has been the trend, as the market leader in the bathroom solutions industry, HCG is offering these flushing warriors to provide end-users, contractors and architects with wise and convenient green choices. And just recently, it has been more rewarding to buy green with HCG for a limited edition towel comes with its purchase plus a discount coupon of up to P 1,000.

The LEED flushing warriors promo will run until September 30, 2012. The flushing warriors have their own commercial being aired on TV5.


Marketing collateral of the HCG Flushing Warriors promo