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IronMan Program 101

As the market leader in the bathroom fixtures industry, our innovativeness is one of the key ingredients why we are continuously on top. From our business core of ceramics, we’ve successsfully introduced in our product line Shower Partitions in 2011, Cerabo or ceramic board in 2012 and for 2013, the upcoming Kitchen System.

We continue to widen our array of products that when we say “I can live here” it no longer refers to the bathroom alone but to the entirety of the house.

To aid the persuasion prowess of our Sales Team in presenting our diverse products, the IronMan program was crafted and implemented. IronMan is our sales tool using an Ipad. We dig deeper in the IronMan project with a Q&A with Mr. Cyril Lukban, Senior Marketing Manager.

1. What are the objectives of the IronMan Project?

◦ Usually our distributors’ showrooms can only display several products, because of this the opportunity to offer our complete product range to the customers is not being optimized. With the Ironman, we are able to showcase our full product range.

◦ Our investment for the showroom module and display is also quite costly. With the implementation of the Ironman, we can downsize our showroom modules and reduce our actual product display.

◦ With the aid of Ironman, it also provides our merchandisers quick reference on price and can immediately provide customers technical drawings, details etc.

◦ It gives the merchandiser the flexibility to assist multiple customers at once.

◦ For the customers, it provides quick access to information of products that suits their requirements and budget which will make it even easier for them to make a decision confidently.

◦ Overall, the summary objective of the Ironman is to increase sales turnover in less time; increase efficiency and product knowledge retention for the merchandisers; increase product range offering with less investment; and finally provide customers an informative and interactive tool to aid them in their selection in line with our commitment to quality products and services.

2. What were the challenges encountered during the planning stage?

• Due to the value of the equipment, we have initially decided to provide Ipads to distributors in Depot format with HCG merchandisers and with sales performance of a certain level.

• We were also faced with several questions, if it would not be difficult for the merchandisers to hold it in his hand or cling over his neck for 8 hours a day, etc.? However, this was resolved thru the Ipad holder.

• The size of the Ironman (Apple Ipad) is only 9.7” which is not that noticeable especially in the big depots. The initial solution was to place the Ironman either in the showroom or in battery area depending on which has higher customer foot traffic. But eventually in the future we will provide a TV Touch Screen monitor (Digital Showroom) with functions almost similar with Ipad however much more visible.

• The group still has to determine how to enhance the module from minor application debugging.

3. How has it helped our sales team?

• Based on the feedback of the merchandisers the outcome of their usage so far has meet the objectives

• The sales people have also given positive feedback in their presentation to clients. It has simplified their discussions and immediately goes to product preferences.

• The demand of sales people for Ipad issuance for convenience of presentation has been overwhelming; however, due to the cost implication, we’ve developed it to be also laptop ready.

• Lastly, according to Glenn Anacan, Area Manager for ND1, Wilcon has started also to implement Ipad tablets for product selling reference.

4. Future plans for IronMan project?

• The Ironman program was designed to be in several phases: Phase 1 – Apple Ipad in all distributors’ depot with merchandisers and meeting the required sales performance by the first quarter of 2013 Phase 2 – Digital Showroom in 10 biggest showroom outlets by the third quarter of 2013 Phase 3 – MBS (Manufacturing Barcoding System) – MIS & Marketing Collaboration

• It is in our vision to eventually be able to connect via internet so that other features that would be of relevance to our customers, our front sales people and our Management are accessible which will then help in the attainment of our goal 2B for 2013.


IronMan’s user-friendly interface


Inside menu: Customers can choose from any of our bathroom package that suits their style and needs


Another tap from the list shows the components of the package with individual prices, package price and the savings.


IronMan also shows the product features and the tests each toilet underwent to ensure the highest quality.


IronMan also serves as an e-flyer and reference for promotions


Past commercials can also be viewed in IronMan