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HCG introduced Kitchen System Solutions in Worldbex 2013

Worldbex2013: On Solid Ground witnessed HCG’s beyond 80 years of expertise on March 13-17, 2013 in World Trade Center, Pasig City.

In this 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition, HCG exhibited a complete range of home and building solutions. Beyond bathroom fixtures that gained the world’s respect, HCG went further by introducing not just shower partition and Cerabo but also it’s newly launched Kitchen System. HCG now carries four (4) products that will give total satisfaction for the customers.

Two Kitchen System packages were initially displayed in Worldbex. The red kitchen that caught everyone’s attention is made of Cerabo. The second package which looks modern yet fusing with warmth is made of melamine-faced chipboard and high-pressure laminate (HPL).

Other new products launched:

• Magic Mirror: It has a monitor with LED ON/ LED OFF feature that turns on if someone is standing in front and also automatically shuts off. It is good to be installed in public comfort rooms such as malls, and can bring added revenue by placing commercials or audio-visual presentations (AVP) of companies.

• BF021S Raven Series- a single-line shower system. It can be easily installed, has a long lasting chrome finish and also cost-efficient.

• U28N- a modern and stylish sensor-type wall-hung urinal

From the bathroom, now to every part of the home, one can still say, “I can live here.”


The eye-catching HCG Cerabo Kitchen System


The modern and warm package made of HPL and melamine-faced chipboard


BF021S Raven series paired with folding Shower partition


U28N on the bottom left and magic mirror on the topmost right

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