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HCG Cares by Toilet Donation


Before installing. The team of HPC employee-volunteers posed with the representatives of Langkaan Elementary School while still fresh.

The spirit of volunteerism filled the pre-holiday air as Hocheng Philippines Corporation (HPC), represented by its President Mr. Sam Chen together with its employees, donated and installed twenty (20) new water closets in Langkaan Elementary School on December 15, 2012. More than providing the 1,746 pupils access to better and cleaner comfort rooms, this corporate social initiative of the company, also known as the “I Can Live Here” Day, aims to empower these institutions that nurture young minds to be the best that they can be. HPC believes that the strength of the company, through its employees, is due to the good rearing of these schools. In his speech, Mr. Chen asserted, “[It is our] responsibility to give back to the school who educated our employees. It is also an opportunity to thank these schools. Our employees also want to give back and do some meaningful job.”

Toilet Installation

Before starting the leg work, Mr. Chen gathered all HPC employee-volunteers and gave one quick reminder to wipe clean all the water closets. He said, “Make sure that the water closet looks good and good for our children.” The mark of a true leader was also seen in Mr. Chen when he mixed the cement to be used for the installation. Furthermore, out of the 20 comfort rooms, the president installed more than four water closets. HPC employee-volunteers also brought extra tiles to cover bare floors.

A Million Thanks from Langkaan

Langkaan Elementary School’s representatives expressed their heartfelt gratitude to HPC for helping their school twice already since 2000. Ms. Rossana Remulla, teacher-in-charge, said, “What really touched me is HCG cares.” She added that in the future she hopes that HPC will still be there to help them. In response, Mr. Chen assured “It’s something [that] we want to continue. We are glad to do something for this community.”

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The president at work. The cement was mixed with no less than Mr. Chen, himself.

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Quality control. The president himself ensured that the tank fittings are tightly in place; and the water closet correctly installed.


All smiles. Despite all the hard work done, HPC employee-volunteers were happy to share their time and talent in the “I Can Live Here” day.

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Because HCG Cares. 6 out of the 20 installed water closets. After which, the president instructed to clean the dirt left behind.