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HCG Philippines’ donation for Emergency Quarantine Facility project of WTA Architecture + Design Studio

HCG Bathroom Fixtures were donated to Emergency Quarantine Facilities built in partnership with WTA Architecture Design and Studio for asymptomatic infected patients. Sixty water closets were given to ensure hygienic use of comfort rooms in the facilities located inside and outside Metro Manila.


HCG water closets in the built EQF at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City.


Inside the facility are enough beds, barriers, and ventilation for asymptomatic patients.


Architect William Ti Jr., Principal Architect or WTA Architecture and Design Studio receive HCG Bathroom Fixtures while the construction for the EQF is ongoing.


The firm has been in close contact with Local Government Units (LGUs) of areas with cases of COVID-19. The Emergency Quarantine Facility can help ease hospitals unable to receive patients due to increasing number of cases every day. Since about 80% of COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic or with mild to no symptoms*, the facility plays a huge part in ensuring isolation, treatment, and safety of the patients.


While the country is looking for resources to aid basic need of the Filipinos, the firm is aiming to create 75 EQFs, and more if still needed.


As the battle against the virus persists, HPC will still continue to provide help in the ways we can through our partner foundations, companies, and in the industry. Any foundation, company or group who wishes to partner with us can send us a private message in our facebook page,


*According to the Department of Health. Reference: