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HCG Cares

Being in the Philippines for more than 20 years, Hocheng Philippines Corporation is more than grateful for the continued support and trust of local urban and rural community builders.

As part of giving back to the Filipino community, we launched the “HCG Cares: Adopt A School Program” a few years back to look for public elementary schools in need of bathroom sets and grant their requests. This year, we are expanding our helping hand to public high schools in Metro Manila and CALABARZON areas. This is our way to contribute in the improvement of bathroom facilities in order to motivate students in better hygiene practices; which we believe can also help in their scholastic attendance and learning.

We have adopted over thirty public elementary schools in Cavite and we are currently processing more requests to be granted. As we seek potential schools to be adopted in the future, we are also reaching out to send your requests to us.

If you know a public elementary or high school in dire need of a bathroom set, please email the complete details of the school at Kindly include the complete name of the school, address, and the details of the contact person to whom we can coordinate.

With these ways, you’ll be creating a path to the students’ vision of a cleaner and better bathroom experience in school. Irreplaceable smiles and overflowing gratitude are seen and felt as soon as these wares become accessible to the students.

Be with us as we share our valued belief on the importance of the room that relieves, comforts, and cleanses us. Help us make these students also say, “I can live here.”