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Modern Bathroom Tips

                Do you want a bathroom renovation? Or do you just want to style up your bathroom without too much clutter? If your answer for both questions is yes, you can consider styling up the bath in modern design. A modern bathroom is designed in clean, fine pieces that catch the attention of your guests in a simple manner. The tendency to overdo things might come in the way, so here are some pieces you can incorporate in your renovation or re-styling.

1. Simple, but trendy water closets

Rest the eyes in the busy working life with a toilet that calms the senses. Pick one that can make you and your family members comfortable while you are in the bathroom. One good choice is Brizo, satisfying your senses with its seamless design, and a hygienic counterpart with its anti-dirt and bacteria seat and cover, making sure that your bathroom experiences are pleasant and clean.


2.   Accessorize, but not too much

Clean looking bathrooms don’t mean being too straightforward and bare. Accessorizing can be tricky but it adds that plus factor in the bath, and not to mention, it simplifies some functions we haven’t thought of.

An automatic bidet seat and cover saves much space as it can be installed directly on your water closet. The bidet can be operated through a side panel or a remote control that makes things twice as easy as you cleanse after using the bathroom.


Another accessory you can add is a vanity mirror. Unlike ordinary mirrors, these illuminate better through its light on the side and instantly adds light passing through the whole room.


3.  Upgrade your wash basin’s styling

We are used to bulky, space-eating wash basins, but now there new slim designs that will make the bathroom look not too busy for errands. Cloud is the newest wash basin from HCG which comes in three shapes for you to choose from, with an elevated illusion that will add the “light” feeling in your lavatory.


 4.   Don’t forget the faucet

Faucet designs are as important as toilets do, as this metal piece in the bathroom can accentuate and give texture to achieve the modern bathroom look. Freya adds a soft touch of metal to your bathroom.