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iWash: Hygienic way to wash

“It’s fun and easy to wash and be clean”

Our bathrooms comfort and cleanse us. Yet, sometimes after finding satisfaction in the bathroom we are too careless to clean ourselves. Good thing, HCG is now offering iWash that will make washing hygienic and super easy.

Know iWash in 1 minute

Why use iWash?

HCG now offers a manual bidet seat and cover that will make washing more hygienic- iWash. Worry less in a space saving and splash free bidet that promotes better and beneficial cleaning. With iWash, effectively manage your expenses; at the same time be eco-friendly by less usage of tissue paper.

Convenience is priority with its features

  • Adjustable Lever
    • Adjust the water pressure according to your preferences with the lever on the side.
  • Feminine & Rear Wash
    • Dual nozzles opt for a personalized use. Not only for rear wash, but also provides feminine-friendly feature.
  • Anti-bacterial Soft-closing Seat & Cover
    • Tranquil and calm, the manual bidet softly opens and closes for the overall relaxing experience.
  • Self-cleaning Nozzles
    • Hygienic self-cleaning nozzles do the work for you after you’re cleansed.
  • Gentle Water Pressure
    • Feel relaxed as you wash with the soft pressure of bubble water.
  • Easy Installation
    • Quick lock and release system allows the user to easily install and dismantle iWash for a
      thorough cleaning.
Product Code: AF3900
Dimension: L500 x W370 x H60mm
Hinge post Hole: 136 – 174 mm
Compatible Waterclosets: Baden CS5518Q
  Eton C4520T
  Eton CS4510Q
  Bristol CS1193P
Product Code: AF3800
Dimension: L500 x W370 x H62mm
Hinge post Hole: 136 – 174 mm
Compatible Waterclosets: New Monet C817
  Selene C415
  Aura C413
  Osiris OP C403
  Shangri-La CS4710
  Titan CS6815N
  Cezanne PB CS995PB
  Cezanne LT CS995LT

Technical Drawing

AF3900 AF3800
AF3900-tech AF3800-tech